Mac Jones Traded to Jacksonville Jaguars for almost nothing in return

The New England Patriots have decided to part ways with Mac Jones.

According to ESPN’s Adam Schefter, the Patriots are finalizing a deal to send Jones to the Jacksonville Jaguars. The trade, which cannot be processed until the new league year begins, involves a potential sixth-round pick heading back to New England.

Mac Jones had a rollercoaster ride during his tenure with the Patriots. After an impressive start, he struggled to grow in New England, though he was not exactly helped by some questionable coaching decisions and a terrible offensive line. His continued struggles during the 2023 season raised questions about his long-term fit in New England.

Jones will now head to the Jacksonville Jaguars where he will back up Trevor Lawrence. In the meantime the Patriots have clearly showed their hand for the upcoming NFL Draft where they are expected to draft a new franchise quarterback.