Ames Department Stores Are Making A Comeback

A beloved retail chain that went out of business in 2002 is planning a massive comeback with several confirmed new stores opening in New England. Ames formally announced on their Twitter page that June 2026 is the new scheduled opening date for brick & mortar Ames locations.

There are currently 35 locations planned to open across the United States by late 2027, with plans to add more locations during 2028. Ames was one of the major retail chains that flourished in the US from 1958 until it went defunct in 2002. At its peak, Ames operated 700 stores across 20 different states. Those living in the Northeast remember the department chain for its affordable prices on items like footwear, furniture, toys, clothing, and more.

Plans include 7 new distribution centers as well as a new and improved website that’ll support online ordering and home delivery.