Just when you thought it was safe: Mass State Lottery launching “Jaws” scratch ticket into its pool

The Massachusetts Lottery is about to unleash a frenzy in the ocean of scratch tickets. Brace yourselves, because the iconic movie “Jaws” is coming. Starting March 26, players can dive into the “Jaws” instant game.

Remember the spine-tingling suspense of Steven Spielberg’s classic thriller? Now imagine scratching your way to prizes inspired by that very movie. The $10 “Jaws” scratch ticket promises adventure, suspense, and jaw-dropping wins.

Instant Wins: With just over 8 million “Jaws” tickets available, players can snag prizes of up to $1 million instantly. Imagine the rush as you reveal those shark-filled symbols!

Second Chance Drawings: But wait, there’s more! Even if your ticket doesn’t scream “winner,” you’re not out of the game. Enter the second chance drawings for a shot at something even bigger—a trip to Martha’s Vineyard next summer!

The Martha’s Vineyard Experience could be just as cool.

Picture yourself on the picturesque island, where the sea breeze whispers secrets and the waves tell tales. If luck swims your way, you could win:

A trip to Martha’s Vineyard

A three-night stay for two people at the Harbor View Hotel in

Black car service to and from the ferry: Travel in style, just like the movie stars.

A custom guided bus tour: Discover the island’s hidden gems and relive scenes from “Jaws.”

A private screening of “Jaws”: Watch the classic thriller under the stars.

plus $1,000 in spending cash.