Video: Peter King explains why his reporting on DeflateGate is his biggest professional regret

During the Deflategate debacle numerous well-known reporters ruined their credibility in the media. Some clutched to their pearls and refused to change their story, but famed reporter Peter King is still upset to this day that he got it wrong.

In 2015, the New England Patriots found themselves embroiled in controversy. Accusations of deflating footballs during the AFC Championship Game against the Indianapolis Colts sent shockwaves through the league. As the story unfolded, Peter King, then a prominent ESPN reporter, stepped into the fray.

King, known for his meticulous fact-checking, confirmed ESPN’s report about the deflated footballs without hesitation. Armed with confidence, he penned an article that reverberated across sports media. But little did he know that this would become the biggest blunder of his illustrious career.

As the Deflategate saga unfolded, King’s credibility took a hit. The NFL’s subsequent investigation revealed inconsistencies, and the truth emerged: the footballs were not intentionally deflated. Tom Brady, the Patriots’ star quarterback, faced a four-game suspension based on erroneous information.

King later reflected on his mistake, comparing the NFL’s discipline of Brady to “killing an ant with a sledgehammer.” The once-trusted reporter had unwittingly contributed to a narrative that unfairly tarnished Tom Brady’s reputation.