Video: The DunKings: Ben Affleck, Tom Brady, and Matt Damon Steal the Super Bowl Spotlight

Before halftime during Super Bowl LVIII, one of the greatest Super Bowl commercials in history debuted. The screen lit up with three unmistakable Boston legends. Ben Affleck, sporting his impeccable Dunkin’ ensemble, stepped into the recording studio alongside his singer-songwriter wife, Jennifer Lopez. But this wasn’t just any recording session—it was the birth of the DunKings.

Tom Brady, known as “Touchdown Tommy” to New England Patriots fans, played the group’s producer. His infectious energy and fist-pumping enthusiasm set the tone. Meanwhile, Matt Damon stood off to the side, Dunkin’ beverage in hand, looking mildly embarrassed yet undeniably cool.

Decked out in matching pink, orange, and white Dunkin’ jackets with Red Sox logos, the DunKings belted out their hit song. Affleck showcased his dance moves, while Brady oined in with a resounding “DunKings!” Damon, through out a familiar line with “How do you like those doughnuts? I’m so sorry,” channeling his Good Will Hunting days.

Lopez, watching from the sidelines, didn’t seem entirely thrilled with the performance. But she allowed Brady to stay after Affleck and Damon left the set. And rumor has it, the DunKings’ beverage—a real iced coffee—will be available for purchase starting February 12th.

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