Millions of dollars worth of psychedelic mushrooms seized in a Connecticut drug bust


Not a bad little side hustle until he got caught.

A young Connecticut man was busted after authorities were alerted about a large psilocybin mushroom growing operation in a private home in Burlington, Connecticut that contained psychedelic mushrooms with an estimated street value of $8.5 million according to Connecticut State Police.

When agents arrived at the home, they noticed a ventilation system often used for mushroom-growing operations, police said.

Westen Soule, 21, showed them a detached garage holding a large mushroom-growing operation, but Soule said the type of mushrooms he was growing was not illegal. Authorities said he would not let them into the house without a warrant.

Upon receiving a warrant, investigators checked the house and found a large “mushroom-growing factory” containing psilocybin mushrooms, which are a Schedule 1 controlled substance, in various stages of growth, according to the news release.

Police arrested Soule on a charge of possession with intent to distribute or sell narcotics and operation of a drug factory.

He was being held Friday on a $250,000 surety bond and set to appear for an arraignment at New Britain Superior Court on Nov. 16.

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