A new Massachusetts Facebook group is exposed as a massive fraud operation from Bangladesh

Buyer beware! A new Massachusetts related Facebook group has risen in popularity over the past few weeks but not is all as It seems. The Facebook group under the name of…..

‘I Grew Up In Massachusetts’, is actually an online scam site set up with fake admins and multiple bots that control the narrative from the country of Bangladesh! They have added over 10,000 members in the past week. Chances are you have friends or family in there.

When we first noticed the ‘I Grew Up In Massachusetts’ admins and members trying to join and post in our Facebook group we had to check what the opposition was all about and immediately something seemed off.

The admin appeared to be connected to Michigan with a group under the same name. ‘I Grew Up in Michigan’. It seemed a little odd they were dipping into Massachusetts but it didn’t end there. The admin was also connected to a few other suspicious pages from the country of Bangladesh. At this point our suspicions grew and we decided to dig a Little deeper.


These random pages started popping up in their ‘I Grew Up In Massachusetts‘ group posting photos and acting like they are from here. A few of these pages like ‘My World’ are directly connected to the Admin. We noticed that the admins photo was connected to some of these pages that had already mysteriously disappeared over the last few days. After further research we linked  My World and another page named ‘Black Cloud’ to the admin with a photo of the same woman. Both of these pages are highly suspicious and lead back to Bangladesh.


Still at that point they had not laid their cards out onto the table. Proving that they are not who they say they are is not enough. We needed to wait to see what their actual plot was, and we suspected it was to take advantage of unsuspecting Massachusetts residents.

They laid their cards out onto the table with a suspicious website today and we were absolutely correct.

It starts with the admin posting the website with an article of Massachusetts related clothing with the pressure of selling it within a few hours or the opportunity would be lost.

The admin followed it up by responding to people that were interested or appeared to be interested. It was a mixture of fake profiles that looked Americanized from what we assume is Bangladesh to prop up sales.


Obviously Timmy didn’t buy shit. He is a fake profile.


Emily also curiously only has friends from Bangladesh.

We could do this all night with numerous more examples, but if you haven’t bought the story by now, chances are you are not going to.


Unfortunately many Massachusetts residents are also getting caught up in this scam because without knowledge that it already is a scam they would have no idea. After doing our research we uncovered numerous fake profiles they were part of the conversation to drive sales and this was no accident. We were highly suspicious of the admin to begin with, and the odds are pretty good that it is actually some dude from Bangladesh.

Be sure to spread the word if you have friends or family in the ‘I Grew Up In Massachusetts’ group and make them aware what they are into.


As Bell Biv DeVoe would say, “That girl is Poison”.

Update: The admin of that group must have found out they got caught and deleted the other account. They created a new admin account but forgot how to spell her name! ?


And sometime in the last few hours during all the commotion our old friend Timmy from above found time to get a sex change.