The NFL Handed The Patriots Another Harsh Penalty For The Bengals Filming Incident

The NFL has come down hard on the Patriots once again, for their videotaping incident in Cincinnati last season.
This time the NFL fined the Patriots $1.1 million, and took away their third-round pick in 2021. They will also not allow Kraft Sports Productions to shoot any games in 2020 as well as have senior club officials take training on league operations and game policies.

Although it may have seemed minor, the Patriots brought this one upon themselves by being careless. The Patriots should have used extreme caution when filming anything. The good news is Bill Belichick has already found a way to make up for the missing draft pick by signing Cam Newton. If he has a successful season and leaves as a free agent that pick would be replaced with a compensatory pick. Belichick is always 3 steps ahead of the rest of the league.