Video: Ben Affleck Pokes Fun At Matt Damon In New Dunkin’ Donuts Commercial

Ben Affleck is back with a new Dunkin commercial, but this time he is not serving coffee. In the new ad that came out today, the famous Cambridge, Massachusetts native is not enthused about becoming a “commercial actor.”

“I don’t do commercials,” Affleck said to the nonplussed cashiers. “I’m a real actor, this is an art form for me.”

Meanwhile the Dunkin employees were struggling to figure out who he was.
“Were you in ‘The Departed?’” asks a cashier.
“I’m Matt Damon,” Affleck says
“Yeah, I love him, I love him,” Maher responds. “He’s had a really consistent career, I think.”

“Hmmmm, nah,” Affleck says, shaking his head. “I mean, some of his work.”

Ben jokingly took a shot at his longtime best friend Matt Damon who currently co-stars with him in the hit movie “Air”.

Affleck and wife Jennifer Lopez filmed scenes at Dunkin’ locations in Medford and Revere. After the Super Bowl commercial aired in February, a representative for Dunkin’ said in an email to expect more ads from Affleck in the future.

“Ben Affleck has always been a member of the Dunkin’ family, but tonight Dunkin’ made it official during the big game,” the company said in an email. “While this is a first for Dunkin’ and Ben, it is certainly not the last! Stay tuned for more to come!”

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