Video: Julian Edelman Says Has A Problem With Ben Affleck

Former New England Patriots great has a bone to pick with local movie star Ben Affleck. Appearing on the ‘Games With Names’ podcast the other day Julian talked about his gripe with Ben after he made comments about the Patriots back in 2019 saying that Tom Brady doesn’t have any good receivers to throw to. This was a season Edelman had 100 receptions for 1,117 yards, and 6 touchdowns, which is quite remarkable. Perhaps Ben Affleck wasn’t directly talking about Edelman, though the rest of the recieving core towards the end of the season was an absolute dumpster fire. To be fair, busted first round draft pick N’Keal Harry was the #2 receiver by season end after the Patriots released Antonio Brown, and Josh Gordon due to off field incidents detrimental to the team.

Edelman jokingly fired back at Affleck by saying his Boston accent is fake and claiming that Matt Damon wrote Good Will Hunting all by himself. Looking forward to hearing Ben Affleck’s response because this will surely get back to him.