Ames Department Stores Announce A Return To New England

Ames Department Stores, once a wildly popular franchise in New England has announced that it will be making a return in 2023 opening a number of new locations in New England during the spring.

In a statement, Cross Moline Ventures President Shannon de Molyneux confirmed that Ames will be opening seven stores next year, starting in Connecticut and moving into New York and Pennsylvania.

Once those stores launch, Ames will open in Rhode Island in 2024 and build an expansion plan for the 2024-2025 season, according to de Molyneux.

“We will start expanding where demand is high, and slowly move into lower demanded states over the next five to 10 years,” de Molyneux said.

The company was originally founded in Southbridge, Massachusetts, and had over 700 stores across 20 states at it’s peak. All Ames stores ceased operations in 2002 after they had to declare bankrupcy.

Exact locations and opening dates for the initial seven stores are expected to be announced in February 2023.